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Saga of the journey of the Department of Political Science in CSN PG College is as old as the one of the institution itself as the teaching in the subject started at Graduate level since the inception of the institution way back in 1965.

That was the time when Higher Education in a poor and backward district like Hardoi was more of a dream than reality. Dream came true as vision of Freedom Fighter Babu M.L.Verma bore fruits and CSN College became a reality here when there was no Centre of Higher Education in and around the radius of 50 km of Hardoi.

In the beginning of 70s teaching started being imparted in the subject at Post Graduation level along with four other subjects and UGC undertook it in its list under 2f and 12b. Ever since the department has been pioneer in many respects in being harbinger of many a rich tradition in the college like starting the Welcome and Farewell functions in line with the tradition of premier universities of the state, holding of moot parliament and publishing its own magazine of the department. When the undersigned joined the institution having the distinction of first and only JRF not only in the department but in the entire district and first to join the department having been selected through Higher Education Commission. The subject became very popular that it was allotted 120 seats in M.A.whereas other subjects of the college were allotted to the maximum of only 60 seats each.

At that time academic environment was so befitting the academic tradition that college ran in three shifts, as the institution lacked infrastructure and classes started to run from 8.00am and continued till 4.20 pm with full attendance. There used to be tremendous pressure for admission in the college as it was the premier institution in the district.

The department was fortunate in being endowed with abled faculty members led by then renowned scholar of the subject Dr.P.N.Bajpai who acted as Principal also.

The Department was embellished with such jewels as Dr M.A. Khan, Mrs Sarla Bajpai, Mr S.S. Awasthi and Mr A.C. Bajpai, all products of highly reputed Department of Political Science,University of Lucknow. Many times the students of the department stood first in the entire college in MA Exam of the University,at times with rank in the University and qualified for special scholarship which ran in the name of the Founder of the college and thus added further grandeur to the department. Many students of the department have joined reputed posts in different walks of life as it was evident from alumni meet.

As the long lifeline of any person is not the straight one and has its own highs and lows so was the case with the Department and the Institution as well.There was mushroom growth of self - financed institutions all around the district leading to the abrupt drop in the admission. Education became a commodity which could be sold and purchased in the market.

This was compounded with ever increasing graph of retiring teachers.The department too had to bear the brunt of the retiring teachers as the undersigned was left alone in 2010 as all others retired and had to bear the burden and run the department single handedly for nearly a decade. Attendance dropped from the classrooms to the vanishing point more because of the fact that students appeared reluctant to come just for one class in a day as others departments too suffered the similar fate.

Then the Pandemic sucked the department and the institution further deep into the quagmire to the extent that Institution touched the rock bottom making all the more difficult to extricate it from there.

There is a saying if the autumn is around can spring be far behind. Phoenix like resurrection awaited the Institution and the department as well.

New dawn descended, Corona receded and teachers started joining the institution, new Principal Prof.K.K.Singh joined who luckily happened to be of the same subject asof thedepartment. He cooperated and put in labor in uplifting the department by sharing half of my burden in imparting teaching both in UG & PG levels. Academic environment which was badly vitiated was put back to track. Admission graph once again rose very high and left all other departments behind.

As the wheel of fortune turned three new Assistant Professors,namely, Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Singh, Dr. Ankit Pathak and Dr. Akhilesh Kumar joined the department.

The youthful exuberance of the three new faculty members will take the department to scale new height and help acquire the pinnacle of its glory. They have already successfully started running Seminar Library in the departmental room which was a thing of the past and thus added yet another feather in the cap of the Department.

Sr Name/ Designation Qualification Email/ Mobile CV Photo
1. Prof. Sandeep Kumar Sinha
M.A, Ph.D., JRF sinhasandeep17@gmail.com
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2. Dr. Mithlesh Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor
M.A., Ph.D. singhmithileshkumar830@gmail.com
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3. Dr. Ankit Pathak
Assistant Professor
M.A., Ph.D., JRF ankitpathakcsn@gmail.com
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4. Dr. Akhilesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
M.A., Ph.D., JRF akhileshkumar1504@gmail.com
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