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Along with the establishment of the college in the year 1965 the Department of English with the Undergraduate courses was founded by Mr. S.M.L. Verma and Mr. B.V.L Mishr served the college as English faculty where Mr. S.M.L Verma was the first Head of the Department. Leading the college in English language and providing them with the best of the knowledge, the college has seen a glorious time under their guidance.

At present, Miss Shaiwal Kanaujia and Miss Priya Sharma, who are selected from the Higher Education, are serving the department as Assistant Professors. The Head of the Department, Miss Shaiwal Kanaujia, teaches Poetry and Drama while Miss Priya Sharma is mastering Prose and Short Stories.

The two young professors in the department aim to enhance the understanding of English language and create interest in the students for English literature. Our aim is to bring out the creative side of the students by helping them understand poetry, dramas and stories so that they can voice their thoughts in verse and prose.

Sr Name/ Designation Qualification Email/ Mobile CV Photo
1. Ms. Shaiwal Kanaujia
Assistant Professor
B.Tech, M.A, NET shaiwal0103@gmail.com
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2. Ms. Priya Sharma
Assistant Professor
M.A., JRF priya9823sharma@gmail.com
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